Liquid Filter Coffee

  • Coffee
  • Chicory
  • RO Water
  • E211 (Preservative)


  • 1) Shake Well before use.
  • 2) Recommended to use branded milk.
  • 3) Do not Heat the decoction with milk to avoid the Loss of aroma.
  • 4) Refrigerate once the cap is open.
  • 5) Finish the pack in 10 days once opened.

How to make coffee?



Tack 10ml or 2 tablespoons of filter coffee decotion


Add 100ml of hot milk


Add sugar to taste


Froth well for better taste

Our Story

3F Foods & Beverages which Stands for 3 (Friends) Foods & Beverages was Started by 3 Young Individuals Pranav Parikh, Dharmin Parekh and Mihir Parekh With the Latter two Being Brothers.

The Company was started with a Goal of Making Coffee Simple and Easy. We wanted to make Coffee a Mass Product and not a Niche Novelty.

We believe that a Primary Reason for Coffee not Gaining Popularity like Tea in India was because of it’s Complexity of Brewing.

With our Product Madcaf Filter Coffee Decoction we have tried to solve the Problem of making a Decoction on Day to Day basis. It gives you the Flexibility of making your cup of Filter coffee anytime, anywhere.

How Coffee Evolved in India

Baba Budan Brings Coffee to India

Chikmagalur has gained a reputation for itself as the Coffee Country. It is said that Baba Budan, a 17th century Sufi saint from India, had planted the first seed of coffee after returning from his pilgrimage to Mecca.

He first came across coffee as a dark liquid being served to other guests like him at Mocha, he enjoyed the drink and thought of it as quite refreshing. Baba Budan strapped seven coffee beans to his chest to avoid having them confiscated on his way back to his

homeland. In those days, coffee was exported to other parts of the world in roasted or baked form so that no one could grow their own and were forced to buy from the Arabs. He later made his way to the Western Ghats, where he planted the first seed of coffee at Chikmagalur.

Since then, coffee has grown into a multi-million dollar industry in India.

The finest varieties of roasted coffee in
the creation of its own unique blends.

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